Welcome to Cracking the Interview

Cracking the interview is about mastering all skills non-technical that are needed to crack the interview

What will you learn?

All students graduating will more or less have similar technical skills. What sets you apart to get a higher paying job faster is all skills non-technical. Below is what you will learn:

↠ Understand your unique strengths that set you apart, and make them reflect on your resume and LinkedIn.

↠ Learn effective networking techniques with hiring managers to beat the competition.

↠ What you know is different from how you communicate what you know. You will develop the ability to effectively communicate what you know.

↠ Create an elevator pitch that you will use to network with key decision-makers and enroll them to help you.

↠ Have a support community with fellow students, alumni, and expert coaches to cheerlead you throughout your school year and get support with any challenges.

Who's it for?

Students in all technical fields who would like to get higher paying jobs quickly


What you will get?

Monthly subscription


The course is designed to provide ten times more value than what you pay for. If you are still not satisfied after a month, the total amount will be refunded.