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Debugging your mindset to uncover full potential

Many engineers have a burning desire build ground breaking products. But several factors leave them being stuck in their jobs.

What often keeps engineers lose their passion is their internal mindset. In my talk, I discuss a three step formula on how to discover what fires up engineers from within, and ways to overcome inner and outer barriers that keep them staying in their bubble.

As a result, engineers will come up with actionable steps to overcome the inner resistance to increase their influence as an engineer.

Signs of high paid, high performing, happy engineers

High performing engineers are the highest paid and most sought after. But what does it take to become one of them?

In this talk, you will learn a powerful framework called Seven Levels of Energy. It is a framework that has been tested for over twenty years and has helped many executives turnaround their companies to maximize profits. Because of its transformative effects, I tailored this framework to help engineers unlock their peak performance.

As a result, you will understand where you are as an engineer and the steps you need to take to become a high paid, high performing engineer.

The mindset of communication

Effective communication is how an engineer can effectively leverage his/her technical skills to help businesses. A recent research by Google showed that the engineers that add the most value to the company are those with effective communication skills.

The talk primarily focuses on the mindset behind effective communication, and what it takes to gain mastery of it. You will learn a powerful framework called VACS which helps you understand what it takes to become an effective communicator.

As you take actions outlined in the talk, engineers can effectively help businesses and increase the value they provide to the companies.


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