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How Not to Build a Rocket When Asked For a Bike

One of the top complaints business leaders have about their tech teams is that they often build what they want, rather than listening to the business’s true needs. This results in budget overruns and burnt-out tech teams.

In this talk, Aditya presents a framework for improving communication. Through his talk, tech teams will learn valuable skills to better understand and communicate with the business teams.

As a result, tech and business teams will find themselves better aligned, avoiding budget overruns and more money in the pocket.

Depth Driven Leadership

The desire to be an influential leader frequently leads to the belief that external factors, such as prestigious degrees are necessary. While these external factors are time-consuming and costly, they offer little enhancement to leadership influence.

The key to being a truly influential leader lies in mastering the art of depth, a signature framework developed by Aditya based on his experience coaching 100s of tech leaders.

In the talk, Aditya delves into how one can discern the deeper elements that shortcut the process of being recognized as an authoritative leader.

Mastering Technical Presentations

Ineffectively delivered technical presentations can quickly become a snooze fest, leading to opportunity losses, especially in high-stakes business decisions.

In this talk, Aditya shares how to make your technical presentations memorable and engaging by using tools such as visuals, analogies, storytelling, emotional safety, and validation techniques.

By implementing these techniques, your technical presentations become more captivating and memorable, leading to increased business opportunities which, in turn, can lead to career growth for the presenter. 

Future Proofing in the Era of ChatGPT

 As OpenAI races ahead, the following questions are on everyone’s mind:

How will the future landscape of technology evolve?
What skills will be in most demand?
Who gets to stay on the tech scene, and who is left behind?

Through the three-step evolution framework created by Aditya, learn how you can turn this technological revolution into an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. Understand where the industry is headed and ensure you’re future-proof by hiring the right talent or becoming the right talent!



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