Welcome to Mastering the Outer Game of Communication Course

Outer game of communication is everything you say to develop deep connection with others – the words, sentences, grammar, storytelling, delivery and pronunciation.


No matter where you come from, what you look like, you will learn to speak to anyone confidently whether it is a potential date or your manager or an executive. You will accomplish that through experiential learning in a safe environment. Below is what will be covered:

↠ Everyone has stories to tell. You will learn to tell them powerfully to engage anyone you speak to. 

↠ Learn to communicate elegantly using expressive words and phrases that convey the exact meaning you intended. 

↠ Learn to pronounce words correctly so you will get less of, “what did you say, again?”

↠ Practice deep listening skills that make anyone instantly like you. 

↠ Avoid awkward pauses with strangers by learning ways to master your smalltalk skills. 

Who’s it for?

Engineers who have an itch, a burning desire to grow in their career and become a rockstar communicator.


Aditya's coaching program helped me understand the underlying root cause of the challenges I faced. His coaching enriched my life by helping me alter my thoughts and viewing the world in a more positive light. As a result, I was able to take powerful actions and achieved my interpersonal goals. You should talk to Aditya if you have a goal you are working on, or you want to achieve gratitude, love, happiness, health, and mindfulness in your life.

Jon Hegarty, Analyst

Aditya is an exemplary human being who I have the utmost respect and admiration for. Whatever he sets his mind to, he achieves. He is fearless and a true role model to follow. His high EQ and humility give him a deep awareness of himself. He cares deeply about his work, his clients, and he is as authentically genuine as one gets. Aditya is a fearless coach and powerful public speaker with limitless potential in this world. I give him my highest endorsement.

Suzanne Kelly, Chief Talent Advisor

Prior to coaching, I was unproductive at work, indecisive in moving things forward, and my personal and work relationships suffered. However, through Aditya's coaching, I truly found inner peace and joy. I improved my interpersonal skills and gained clarity. As a result, I became productive at work; social relationships improved tenfold and started to live life by design. Everyone should hire a coach not only to achieve your goals but also to make this world a better place.

Chaitanya Kodidasu, Engineer

Course Content

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Month 1.


Story Telling – Part 1

Story Telling – Part 2

Practice sessions

Month 2

Expressive Language

Words, Phrases


Practice sessions

Month 3

Pronunciation Workshop

Igniting smalltalks

Deep Listening

Practice sessions

Special Price As Part of Beta Launch for 3 Month Group Coaching Program


The course is designed to provide ten times more value than what you pay for. If you are still not satisfied after a month, the total amount will be refunded.