Fathers are unsung heroes

Fathers are often underappreciated for their contribution to their family mainly because most men follow the belief system: “strong men don’t show emotions”. So it makes it tough for most […]

What if tomorrow is your last day?

In 2005, I heard Steve Jobs say, "I ask myself if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do?" Upon listening to that quote, I said, "the question doesn't make much sense. It is obvious that if someone dies, they will spend time with their parents, family members, and friends to tell them how much they love them."

12 years to confidence

I would get mad at myself whenever I meet an interesting person and I can't fully connect with the person because I couldn't express myself. In other words, I couldn't communicate even though I wanted to. This has been a burning desire since I was a kid.

I had a dream

Today I landed in Shanghai from New York for day one of my world travel. Do you have a dream in your life? I have had several dreams. When I was a kid, my dream was to eat as much chicken. The dream got fulfilled after I became an engineer

Life outside of my box

I come from a conservative Hindu South Indian family where being submissive and being predictable are considered the highest qualities. I have been handed the following script on how I "should" live my life

Humbleness is bullshit

Humbleness is realizing that noone is beneath you. While that is a great trait which makes you affable, it doesnt mean you are beneath anyone else. Most people misinterpret the meaning of humbleness and underestimate themselves.