Helping engineers unleash their full potential

 Aditya Guthey discusses his own transformation through coaching and how he embarked on a new journey as a speaker and coach. 

You came to the right spot if as an engineer...

  • You have a lot of passion, but feel stuck
  • Not expressing your ideas, fearing looking stupid
  • Inability to make firm decisions for fear of making mistakes
  • Have a great idea for a business, but everything seems to distract you
  • Struggling to inspire your team at work

I have seen it, been there, done that grind for ten years as a Software engineer working at major corporations like eBay and Verizon. When I experienced transformation through coaching, I started living a life that is a full expression of who I am. 

I built cutting edge software products, developed high value friendships, won awards as speaker, and also found a bigger purpose to help other engineers. So I invested over $20,000 in education to get trained as a coach and speaker so I can effectively help you find your own voice and unlock your peak performance as an engineer. 

What you'll get

Increase your influence as an engineer by gaining the confidence to communicate and influence anyone irrespective of the hierarchy. This new found confidence will help you with:j

  • Climbing up the corporate ladder or starting your own business by building your network of trusted team members, mentors, sponsors and investors.
  • Dealing with controlling, insecure micro-managers effectively in a way that they start respecting your boundaries
  • Attracting amazing, high-value people into your life who inspires you and becomes the backbone of your career and personal growth

Want to learn about common challenges Engineers experience?

What I offer

As a graduate of NSA CT Speaker's Academy and IPEC, America's premier coach training program, I provide tailored speaking and coaching engagements.



Speaking events:

  • Colombia University in 2018 and 2019
  • NYPL in 2019
  • Toastmasters district conference

I speak on a variety of topics, including:

  • Debugging mindset to uncover peak performance    
  • Signs of high paid, high performing engineers. 



I offer two different possibilities tailored to your needs:

  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching 

I partner with you in either a group or one-on-one setting to help you gain transformative energy and create the life you are empowered to live. 

30 minute complimentary exploratory session

 Schedule a thirty minute exploratory session to talk about you and your goals by clicking the link below 

Coaching Testimonials

Rama Krishna, Stock Trader

Aditya's coaching program helped me dig into the root of my limiting mindset. During the coaching program, I was able to shift my mindset which resulted in increasing my profit margins by 30%.

Jon Hegarty, Entrepreneur and Banking Analyst

Aditya's coaching program helped me understand the underlying root cause of the challenges I faced. It enriched my life by helping me alter my thoughts and viewing the world in a more positive light. If you think of achieving more of gratitude, love, happiness, health, mindfulness in your life, you should talk to Aditya!

Sovaida Ma'ani, Entrepreneur

 Aditya Guthey is a caring and empathic life coach. Anyone who is willing to vest some time to work with Aditya will undoubtedly benefit from his coaching skills.

Suzanne Kelly, Chief Talent Advisor

Aditya has a high EQ along with a deep awareness of himself - always striving to improve. Aditya cares deeply about his work, his clients, and he is as genuine as one can be. I give him my highest endorsement.

Fatima Alvi, Behavioral Analyst and Educator

Aditya is a fantastic hardworking and a VERY dedicated coach, and has worked wonders with our team! I walked in there with no real core values or goals in life, but I came out of it with set goals and a game plan on how to execute those goals. As a result, I have not only improved professionally but also personally and physically as well. 

Chaitanya Kodidasu, Software Engineer

I had so many worries that kept me unproductive and stressed out at work. I blamed others when I faced challenges. The coaching program helped me come from a place of passion, which made me productive at work and also created inner peace, which helped forge stronger relationships with my boss. 

Speaking Testimonials

Dr. Dorothy Martin - Neville, PhD, Transformational leadership

I love watching Aditya on stage. His message is profound and his stories make it stick. 

Lisa Lelas, Speaker and Author, past president NSA CT

Thank you for a wonderful presentation to NSA CT. He has great content with life stories and inspiring message. 

30 minute complimentary exploratory session

Schedule a thirty minute exploratory session to talk about you and your goals by clicking the link below